Why Choose Unleash Your Potential NLP Training Courses?

Laura Evans NLP Unleash Your Potential ABNLP accreditation

Our inspirational and results based approach to NLP training courses sets us apart. Laura Evans, our Lead NLP Trainer wants to help others get past what’s holding them back and help them to achieve their dreams!

Even more, she wants to train others in these amazing techniques so they can go on to help others achieve their goals and let go of what’s holding them back … people like Coaches, Leaders, Professionals, Business Owners, Parents, Teachers, Therapists …. – anyone in a position to help support and guide others.

We want to help you Unleash Your Potential in the same way Laura benefited hugely from her first NLP course. Our focus is simple: providing practical, yet high quality courses that are exceptional value.

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Recommended by Tad James

“Laura is one of the NLP rising stars in the UK. As an NLP Trainer, she shows a great understanding of NLP and its application, in addition to being passionate about sharing NLP with those she works with. I hear great things about her courses! I highly recommend Laura to serve and guide you either personally or in business” – Tad James, Owner, The Tad James Co. & Creator of Time Line Therapy™

All our public course dates are published on our NLP Course Schedule Page. We also work with organisations to deliver NLP based courses and workshops in house, as well as delivering a number of speaking/CPD events.

“Just finished the intensive 7-day NLP Practitioners Course with Laura in Cardiff. What an amazing experience, you’d love it! Can’t recommend it enough, get yourself booked now, you’ll never look back…”

Kathryn Deakin, Property Renovator

“This training is excellent quality, superb value and delivered in a down to earth way that’s easy to apply”

Richard Armstrong, Master NLP Practitioner

“I’ve been on a 6 month journey to become a Master Practitioner of NLP. My life’s different, I’m different, I’ve learnt about myself, I’ve grown … as a Coach I’m having daily extraordinary conversations .. my life is of so much more value after training and being coached by Laura … Laura is the one to be with!”

Billy Schwer, Motivational Speaker

Here at Unleash Your Potential we have the experience and learning opportunities to help you create the brilliant results you deserve

If you’re looking for coaching, training or any other form of personal, professional or business development and can’t quite find what you’re looking for then…